Century’s Crime - A tribute show paying homage to the classic lineup and illustrious success story during the golden years from 1973 till 1984.  In an energy driven live concert, Century’s Crime  delivers the classic songs and world renown hits, one-to-one, in a stage-show and live-concert performance fitting of the original band themselves. In 1974 Supertramp released „Crime of the Century“ their breakthrough album on A&M Records. The chart-topping hit „Dreamer“ and the classic songs „School“ , and „Crime of  the Century“ are ingrained in the history of rock & pop music.

Century’s Crime bring back to life „Live on stage“ these songs and many other hits and “Supertramp Concert classics” from “Crime of the Century” and the following albums “Crisis! What Crisis?”,  “Even in the Quietest Moment”, “Breakfast in America” & “Famous Last Words”. The band members, all die-hard Supertramp fans, perform and re-live the spirit and sound of the original  recordings, live concerts & videos to create a live Show worthy of one of the world finest and famous bands. „Century’s Crime“ – The SUPERTRAMP Tribute SHOW is a fan-tastic tribute concert show. ‘Let your eyes & ears deceive you’ with the hits & classic songs of Supertramp: Dreamer, School, Breakfast in America, Goodbye Stranger, It’s Raining Again, Take the Long Way Home, The Logical Song, My Kind of Lady, Crime of the Century and many more.

Bandmembers: Pino G. (singer, guitar, piano), Jörg Feser (bass), Heiko Sahl  (saxophone, clarinet, harmonika, singer), Erik Schüßler (drums) and others.


tribute by Century’s Crime